TravelClear: Revolutionising Mobility

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The increase in automobile traffic is a threat to the liveability of cities globally and a significant source of carbon emissions. To address this, we need new and more competitive collective mobility solutions.


The paradigm shift required is called Mobility as a Service (MaaS): offering travellers flexible and seamless mobility from door to door. However, for MaaS to truly take hold, providers and transport operators must share unified technical standards and a marketplace where supply and demand meet. The benefits of the new paradigm to consumers – faster travel times and easier access to old and new, local forms of mobility – only materialize when many providers and operators cooperate.

TravelClear is building a multi-national scalable communications platform to realize integration of transport modalities, empowering forms of mobility to compete more successfully with the automobile. This is the goal we share with governments, transport operators, and MaaS agents. A first pilot is now starting in Amsterdam.

TravelClear will operate as an independent, non-profit foundation and are looking for public and private investment. When the platform reaches critical mass, it will be transaction fee based and achieve self-sufficiency by 2020. TravelClear’s team has the vision, network and expertise to make it work.

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