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We are not in an era of change but in the change of an era. A smart & circular future offers exciting opportunities for business and planet alike. We believe you have the potential to make your business model sustainable. We help you to accelerate your transition towards a circular economy

We have an unique expertise in Waste Management, Circular Economy and Smart & Sustainable Cities.
– Waste Management because it is a great way to start a transition and eliminate the concept of waste
– Circular Economy because it offers a vision that makes business sense
– Smart & Sustainable city because it is the place of action

Acceleratio is not just an ordinary consultancy firm. Acceleratio empowers companies, cities, regions and governments to make a transition towards green growth. It brings a “can do” mentality and helps you to create the network and idea’s for execution.

Acceleratio is registered in the EU Transparency Register under number 370395223657-58.


The roots of Acceleratio’s founder lie in engineering, consultancy and waste management. Waste managers do a great job but when you still see so many resources from such a variety of clients turn to waste you realize that we have a use opportunity to improve and not just at the end of the chain. By acting together in the whole value chain, by starting a resource efficiency revolution and by transforming towards a more circular economy we can create a world in which nine billion people can live well, and within the planet’s resources. There are many reasons and great examples to make us optimistic about the future. If we dare to pick up the challenge and accelerate the execution we can build a more balanced world offering green growth and new jobs. These transitions will most likely take place in cities because smart and sustainable cities will be key to a more sustainable planet.

That is why Acceleratio was created. We help you to accelerate towards green growth for your organization and at the same time contribute to the realization of a joint ambition and necessity: a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Expertise & Activities

Acceleratio’s expertise area’s lie in the field of Circular Economy, Smart Cities, Waste Management and Resource Efficiency

Activities include amongst others:
Strategy and design of sustainable concepts, products and organizations. Programme and project management. Setting up new partnerships (like the first international Green Deal on the “North Sea Resources Roundabout”), making fact sheets and Due Diligence support. De-blocking business and regulatory obstacles towards green growth in an international context. Trade mission leader for green businesses, review of corporate storytelling, moderation, representation and public affairs at (international) fora.

Founder & Managing Director

Freek van Eijk: 'Business as usual is geen optie meer.' © Dingena Mol.

Freek worked for more than a decade for the global world leader in water and waste management. He held functions like director of strategy & public affairs, director marketing & communication and worked in director functions involving business and project development, risk management and EQS.
He has been board member and vice chairman of the Dutch Waste Management Association and sits on the Board of the Society & Enterprise Foundation (SMO). He participated in UN Climate Conferences and was a Sherpa of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials. He knows how to influence the regulatory environment at national and European level.

Freek is a hands-on executive that wants to leave a legacy. He gives purpose, energy and direction to multi stakeholder teams.
He is passionate about making business a driver to a more sustainable world.
He knows that governments and local authorities can contribute greatly by setting the right conditions.

Skills: Strategy, Public Affairs, Story-telling
Expertise topics: Circular Economy Earning Models, Smart City
, Waste Management, Resource Efficiency,

Freek van Eijk is married, has one daughter and speaks 5 languages.
In his spare time he likes to be a caving expedition leader and devote time to photography.

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Postal address: van Ostadelaan 49, 1412 JH Naarden, The Netherlands
T: +31.651.08.08.47
e-mail: info@acceleratio.eu

Acceleratio B.V. is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (K.v.K.) 61014141
VAT number: NL8541.65.691.B01
Acceleratio B.V.’s Terms of Engagement have been deposited at the Chamber of Commerce
Bank account: ABN AMRO Bussum
IBAN: NL30ABNA0471671541

About the logo

Acceleratio is Latin for Acceleration. Acceleratio(n) is an anagram for many words relevant to our activities: action, co-create, clear, linear to circle, rational, relate, icon, eco
biomimicry 1 spiral-from-knowledgenet-small
The colored curved logo is based on a fractal and on the Fibonacci numbers. It is a natural phenomenon and a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. Examples in nature are for example the Nautilus shell, the leave of a fern or a snowflake. For us it represents acceleration and green growth. The colors go from autumn colors to spring colors and represent renewal. The heart of the logo radiates energy, just like the people in our company.