Circular Economy

CircularEconomy BeeldIt is not only countries like the Netherlands that take Circular Economy very serious. It is a new operating system for the world and power-blocks like Europe have made it a central item in their strategy. Maybe Europe moves slowly but the EU will create a policy framework impacted the full value-chain from producer to consumer to waste manager in which circular economy will….read more

Smart & Sustainable Cities

In 2011 there were 7 billion people on this planet, of which 50% living in cities. Urbanization is set to increase. In 2050 we will be with 9 billion people of which three quarters will live in cities. 80% of all economical activities takes… more

Waste & Resource Management

Waste is a term for unwanted materials, materials that are disposed of. The origin of waste management lies in environmental policies. Poorly managed waste has an enormous impact on health, local and…read more

Blog & News

Innovation Expo 2018: Global Challenges, Dutch Solutions

Rotterdam, The Netherlands | 4th until 4th of October 2018 Taking innovations further, realising breakthroughs, and thus contributing to the social challenges we are facing in our country and in the world. That is the ambition of the Innovation Expo 2018 (IE2018) in Rotterdam. Sample sheet of high-profile Dutch solutions On 4 October 2018, the RDM Submarine Wharf in Rotterdam...
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Circular is going global

Accelerating together towards a Circular Economy: HCEW2018 Impressions from the Holland Circular Economy Week June 11-14, 2018 (first published on: Living in a densely populated delta below sea level, the Dutch were forced over centuries to develop extensive knowledge and experience in finding high quality, sustainable and affordable solutions to protect delta areas and enable delta life. The Netherlands is...
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Freek van Eijk appointed as Director Holland Circular Hotspot

Press release The (private) Foundation Holland Circular Hotspot is proud to announce that Freek van Eijk has been appointed as its Director as of June 1, 2018. The Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) Foundation originates from a public-private initiative that coincided with the launch of the Government-wide program “Nederland Circulair in 2050”. Freek van Eijk will work with the HCH-team to...
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New global report to help cities manage their food waste

New report is practical guide for policymakers on food waste reduction, collection, and treatment Treating all food waste globally would reduce CO2 emissions by the equivalent of taking all cars in the EU off the road Report says treating inedible food waste through anaerobic digestion gives best environmental result A new international report to help cities manage their food waste...
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Global Food Waste Management: An Implementation Guide for Cities 

David Newman, President, World Biogas Association invites you to the international launch of  Global Food Waste Management: An Implementation Guide for Cities  A ground-breaking report produced collaboratively by  The World Biogas Association and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Food, Water and Waste Programme  With special guest The Mayor of the City of Rotterdam, His Excellency Ahmed Aboutaleb  When: 16th...
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Nederland als gidsland voor circulaire economie

Holland Circular Economy Week (HCEW) Delegaties uit tien internationale regio’s bezoeken van 11 t/m 14 juni as de HCEW 2018 voor internationale samenwerking op het gebied van beleid, kennis en business rondom Circulaire Economie. Deelnemen aan Holland Circular Economy Week? Registreer op! Tijdens HCEW 2018 organiseert Holland Circular Hotspot twee dagen waarop Nederlandse organisaties in contact kunnen komen met...
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Holland Circular Economy Week (HCEW) 2018

In the Netherlands, we realise the importance of making our economy more sustainable. We are embracing the challenge to protect our limited space and resources by reducing, reusing and recycling all that we make and use. Through a circular perspective, we are rethinking the way our economy works – designing products that are ‘made to be made again’ and powering...
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