Circular Economy

CircularEconomy BeeldIt is not only countries like the Netherlands that take Circular Economy very serious. It is a new operating system for the world and power-blocks like Europe have made it a central item in their strategy. Maybe Europe moves slowly but the EU will create a policy framework impacted the full value-chain from producer to consumer to waste manager in which circular economy will….read more

Smart & Sustainable Cities

art,design,architecture,balconies,city,environment-ae236a44a98a4dc8afda15d7e7a47918_hIn 2011 there were 7 billion people on this planet, of which 50% living in cities. Urbanization is set to increase. In 2050 we will be with 9 billion people of which three quarters will live in cities. 80% of all economical activities takes… more

Waste & Resource Management

rsource efficiencyWaste is a term for unwanted materials, materials that are disposed of. The origin of waste management lies in environmental policies. Poorly managed waste has an enormous impact on health, local and…read more

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Holland Branding met thema Circulaire Economie in het HHH

Introductie Op 12 augustus vond een seminar en lunch plaats rond het thema circulaire economie in het Holland Heineken House te Rio de Janeiro. Het seminar is een initiatief van het Consulaat Generaal in Rio in samenwerking met FIRJAN en Dutcham. De organisatie lag in handen van Acceleratio met ondersteuning door ICE Amsterdam en E4CB. Het seminar is mede mogelijk gemaakt door...
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How a small country can inspire Brazil to go circular

Interview with Freek van Eijk, Managing Director Acceleratio (Netherlands) in Dutcham Magazine July/Augustus 2016 no.11   A new global reality toward a more sustainable economy shaping up isn’t that wishful thinking? I think the world recently made some big statements. Last year the UN endorsed the Sustainable Development Goals. Later that year, in December 2015 during the UN Climate Conference...
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FabCity Amsterdam

FabCity Amsterdam (till June 26, 2016)

Cities are the future. Collection centres for people and production, knowledge and creativity, problems and progression. This is where it will happen in the near future. Predictions are within 35 years, more than 75% of the world population will be living in cities. This is exactly the reason why FabCity has been set up as part of ‘Europe by People’,...
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Smart City Event 2016 (June 7th – 9th Amsterdam Arena)

  From the 7th until the 9th of June 2016, the 6th edition of the Smart City Event will take place in the Amsterdam Arena. With Amstedam Smart City as the official host. The international annual event where all stakeholders meet, inspire and create! Already more the 500 delegates registered! Still some tickets left, book your ticket and join The...
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Value Hill model (Circo)

Techniekcafe Nieuwe Waterweg Noord in het teken van Circulaire Economie

Illustratie: Value hill  (Circo 2016) Techniek ontwikkelt zich in vogelvlucht en is steeds moeilijker weg te denken uit ons dagelijks leven. Dit komt met de nodige uitdagingen. Daarom organiseert TechnetkringNWN een reeks Techniekcafés waar technici uit de regio inzichten met elkaar kunnen uitwisselen. De eerste editie zal in het teken staan van Circulaire Economie. Dat de vraag naar grondstoffen de...
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The Netherlands as a Circular Hotspot

Looking back at the experiences of an incoming trade mission to the Netherlands   Living in a densely populated delta below sea level, the Dutch were forced over centuries to develop extensive knowledge and experience in finding high quality, sustainable and affordable solutions to protect delta areas and enable delta life. The Netherlands is now one of the regions in...
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maalgoed van werven

North Sea countries work together to close cross-border value chains

On 3 March 2016 stakeholders from France, England, Belgium and the Netherlands signed the Green Deal for a North Sea Resources Roundabout (NSRR). The aim is to facilitate the movement of secondary materials, not through new legislation, but in a bottom-up process of harmonisation. The European Commission is enthusiastic and the Netherlands has another sustainability showpiece. The NSRR is not about introducing...
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